About Us

About Us:

We are some people who are part of a small team called Mashoid Studio, located in Pemalang, a small beautiful town in Central Java, Indonesia

We are focused on presenting free SVG file for our visitors, dedicating our time to researching the latest designs that sought after by many people by hoping that our works can have a place in your heart.

Some advertisements will often appear on our web pages so that we can get our team operational cost, web maintenance cost, and other necessities

We also added a donation button to simply buy a cup of coffee so we can stay awake longer to create more free files for you

We also put some affiliate links, affiliate link is a link to another website where if you make a purchase there we will get a small commission without you paying more on that web, in other words, the affiliate links give us benefits without the slightest harm to you

Finally, enjoy our work so that you can keep working from your home, keep your spirit and always take care of your health